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Our Core Services

Hotel Defenders’ Back office network consulting includes network design, streamlining, implementation services, maintenance and repair, comprehensive security threat mitigation and monitoring services.  We always leave a clean, well documented, safe back office IT environment to reduce the risk of network failure and prolonged downtime.

This is a conceptual diagram of your hotel network; front and back office services, neatly organized in the image

however, concept and reality are often different;

most back offices are cluttered with obsolete equipment and are completely undocumented, making them unmanageable and difficult to bring back online after a network failure

Hotel Defenders brings you

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Our Signature Offer – Hotel Office Back Office Streamlining, Organization, and Documentation

Hotel Defenders’ key objective is to bring back office organization and manageability up to a level consistent with a professionally installed and documented Guest Network, which requires secure, hotel-specific back office standard configuration, modernization of core equipment, a re-organization of cabling, removal of obsolete hardware and cables and thorough documentation of the site.  For a free estimate of this solution for your hotel, click here.

We also offer:

Back Office Security Review and Vulnerability Mitigation

The hospitality industry is a major target for hackers and cyber-criminals trying to access Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to steal guest and staff identities and Credit Card data to commit fraud. Hotel Defenders’ uses a hospitality-specific approach that mimics real-world cyber-criminal attack methods. If you are currently paying good money to protect yourself from data breaches, you are probably not as safe as you think you are.

Hotel Back Office Network Design Optimization

Cluttered hotel back offices are the rule rather than the exception. Network upgrades, re-branding, and management turnover all contribute to these undocumented, disorganized IT closets. In addition to the security risks and unprofessional appearance they pose, the lack of visibility, and non-standard configuration makes them very difficult to manage, especially for the corporate office and management companies.

We offer a standard architecture and back office implementation, designed to provide secure visibility. We remove obsolete equipment and provide comprehensive documentation and monitoring for security and device status. If the guest network or back office circuit goes down, our solution fails over to a redundant circuit. For more information, click here.

Professional Network Implementation Services brings you

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Hotel Defenders provides all standard network implementation services including cabling, hardware installation, testing, circuit cutover, maintenance and repair services. Standard back office architecture provides visibility that enables remote diagnostics and repair services, along with security monitoring and intrusion detection applications.

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